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It’s been two years since I blogged about the new challenges and first official day at U Connectivity Services as a CTO. Today, with a mix feeling between sadness and excitement, I must say that I have to move to the next thing.

First, it was inevitable to say that two years was really short. If you worked for a company that you don’t like or even you hate, two years would produce a long list of miserable and a thousand reasons why you never want to work there. That’s not what happened to me. Two years was really short I couldn’t even imagine I wrote a resignation letter a month ago. Two years and I realized that I’m going to miss one of my family I had in just a few seconds.

I still remember the day we designed, developed and maintained some software for our digital signage out of home (DOOH). We came from nothing to almost 40 sites spreading across all over Indonesia in just about two years. What we’ve built so far was not just only a standalone DOOH but more than that, we successfully connect all of them to our central network (we often called it “command center”). With the technology we used, it’s save to say that our DOOH is potentially capable of doing almost anything you can imagine with a big screen, camera, an Internet connection and some sensors in and out backed with a complex management system in the cloud ranging from clustering management, customization based on customer to hardware monitoring and complex automation to rule many things in harmony.

During those exciting times, I also often worked closely with other team from sister company such as IndonesianCloud and Femto Indonesia. A few months later, I knew almost all employees from all sister companies.

This is what makes me want to define a family. I realized that they’re not just only co-workers. They’re all families. We’ve worked closely, laughed together, lunch, even dinner, or having snacks, nap time, back to work again, almost everything I’ve done, I’ve done those things with them close or around me (in a corporate way, we say it, “team work”).

So, is this the end of our relationship? No. That’s why I used “family” instead of “co-workers”. Family relationship should get stronger and stronger and never last. And that’s also what I’ve got in these two years. They’re all my families.

Signing Off

I’m signing off from the company I’ve worked but never do that from families in there. I never really want to signing off and leave. Those two years and relationship we’ve built are priceless and never be converted to anything.

So, where am I heading to?

Starting Monday, I will be joining Ardent Labs as their VP of Engineering.

Oh, you might see the “maintenance mode, we’ll be up soon, bla bla bla” page from the official website. That’s okay, I hope it won’t hurt you. But I promise, as soon as the site goes live, that is one of the first best thing we do at Ardent Labs. I’m expecting more to come.

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  1. Jadi, sampai sekarang masih “Maintenance Mode”, dan orangnya sudah bergeser kembali. Mr.T juga udah geser ya?
    Kayaknya butuh kongkow di J.Co lagi nih buat sharing2. Hahaha.


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