Challenges Will Always Be Bigger than Us

I planned to move for the next (big) challenges and yesterday was my last day in the current employment. If some of you were questioning where was I in the last couple of months, I bet you’ve already knew it. Yes, I have worked at Lazada Indonesia (one of Rocket Internet’s fastest growing startup) and only took 3-months probation there before I decided to move on.

Here’s my last email to all employees regarding my resignation:

Hi all Lazadans,

it’s been a great ride for me to be in one ship with you all. Although most of you were never talked to me (because mostly I’m always be a shy person *ahem*), at least we saw each other on the way in and out of this building. This is my last day of my journey with Lazada’s ship and as every [other] journeys, I have to continue to another journeys.

I’m very delighted to be with all of you this several months and saw a fantastic growth resulted by extraordinary teams we have here. If this ship always keep the pace and speed like this, I’m pretty sure this ship will finally overtake all e-commerce ship in Indonesia which has no team like I saw in this Lazada ship.

As every wise man said (sure, I always want to be a wise man, but I know it’s hard! :D), this is not a goodbye nor sayonara. Instead, this is more like a “see you around” because literally, I’m still around this area afterwards.

So if we’re met someday, don’t be shy to say hello and talk to me (of course, if I have borrowed your money and I forgot to pay, you must say “hello” and “talk about debt”, seriously).

So, thanks for everything, guys! You’ve worked very hard to achieve something great and I’m sure you’ll achieve it in no time! Just make sure that if you have a party regarding your achievements, don’t forget to invite me using my personal contact below:

[email protected]

See you around!

PS: There will be pizzas around IT division table. First come, first serve! ;)
Best Regards,

Kristiono Setyadi

There you are. Despite of many pros and cons, I’m really happy to work on challenges and communicate with so many people there. That’s the whole point of being a developer: happy with what you’re working on and who you’re working with.

Farewell Party


Farewell Party

Thanks Deci for taking the pictures and thanks to Marsha Vidya for the camera. Pictures indeed worth a thousand words.

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