Live by the code. Simply took the first step using QBasic and Pascal. Speeding up by learning C/C++ and became a web programmer by implanting PHP and Javascript into my brain. I do love HTML5 (even though W3C takes forever to finish the spec) and Javascript API in it. Up to today, Java and Android are already became my blood. As for now, I currently learning a lot of things: NodeJS, MongoDB, Python and Scala. I’ve registered to the Coursera and Udacity classes, including Machine Learning, Introduction to Database and CS101: Buiding a Search Engine. I also a former Yahoo! employee and now CTO at U Connectivity Services. I also spend my quality time as an Advisory Board Member at Tapgage; and as a consultant to government and non-government institutions.

You’ll see codes around my posts indicating the structured and logical brain is taking control (while I presume that my writing is the result of my “not-logic and unstructured” mind) . Across between ordinary texts and codes, you’ll find that codes are more self-explanatory to those who call them self “developers”, “programmers”, or “coders.” But if you’re a “hacker” either black or white-hat, I’m always open-minded to all of you when you found some bugs you can easily exploit to take down this site as long as you didn’t take a harmful action to all of the contents and willing to notify the bugs personally. I’ll be thankful for that. Reaching or contacting me personally is pretty easy. The common way is by using email to: me at ksetyadi dot com or kristiono dot setyadi at gmail. I also actively using Twitter. Follow me @ksetyadi.

Feel free then!

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