Stay hungry, stay foolish

Stay hungry, stay foolish

It’s been a year since the last time I posted my thought on this blog. Lots of things happened between that; ups and downs. Challenges and opportunities. New friends, colleagues and expanding networks. All happened without me recording in this blog.

Not that I didn’t want to share anything, but because I have things to share but didn’t really find a time to wrote them down.

To compensate my laziness during that time, I will write down things that I want to share in an unordered list (yes, I’m still lazy, but hey, at least I’m posting again).

  • I joined the crowdresearch initiative from Stanford University under Michael S. Bernstein’s assistance about the crowdsourcing work. It’s been a one year full of weekly meeting, reading papers, writing our own and discussing with peers. You can find the first published version of the paper on the ACM Digital Library page here.

  • I’m still doing my own research and work on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and spend hours reading subjects in Abstract Algebra such as Group, Ring, Fields (including Galois Field) and their applications to understand further about ECC.

  • I also spend hours taking course about machine learning, understanding supervised (regression and classification) and unsupervised learning. I will write in details about this subject, hopefully.

  • I, for the first time in my life, hosted an automotive review show and it’s such a great experience despite my nervousness during the show. Guess what car I’ve reviewed at that show? No, you couldn’t guess it. It’s the BMW i8. And here’s the review.

  • One ambitious project I have in mind is doing a semi-autonomous self-driving car but not really sure on how I tackle this huge project alone. Still searching a partner who understand car mechanics so we can split tasks: hardware and software.

  • Oh, I’m still working at The Jakarta Post Digital. We’re working on the new The Jakarta Post and custom CMS, also ________ to integrate with ________. We’re also in the middle of building _______ and ________. Classified items are classified until they’re launched to the public.

Well, that’s not quite a lot but for me, 2015 was the learning year and will still continues indefinitely. As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

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