The Jakarta Post App on Firefox OS

Yesterday, I’ve seen this post from one of our good friends who also a former Mozilla Representative in Indonesia, Benny Chandra. The talk between The Jakarta Post Digital CEO, Budi Putra, and him about making an app for Firefox OS started from a simple thing: discussion over a cup of coffee.

I haven’t get the full story yet on that but Budi Putra have told me to start including Firefox OS App in our timeline (and I’m still curious about the full story, ahem..)

And our warrior including infantry, cavalry, archer and… I mean, our software engineers bravely took that challenge.

It was quite a day when our team voluntarily spent their afternoon reading about Firefox OS documentation and start building the app right away. The result was astonishing: The Jakarta Post app for Firefox OS is now available to download via its marketplace.

It’s just the beginning. Soon after that, came the package from Mozilla (Mountain View, US). It was a goodie bag. Guess what’s inside? You’re right. A bunch of stuff like T-shirt, mug and… one Firefox OS device! We love it!

And it was a surprise that our app has drawn an attention at the All Hands Meeting at Mozilla. Further, John Bernard mentioned us in his tweet.

Like I said before, it was just the beginning. We’re now working with partners like Mozilla to bring the best of our assets into other platforms like Firefox OS, not only The Jakarta Post but also Jakpost Travel, Ttwigo, and Travelog as well.

Stay tuned!

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