Welcome to 2012. Welcome New Resolutions.

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve updated this blog. I have so many reason to say right now but I think it’s just another version of apologies. So what’s up?

As you might know, I have been catching up my self learning NodeJS and MongoDB and it turns out I like them. NodeJS is not new to you who has been playing around with JavaScript. Simply put, you just “move” your point of view from the client side (we often call it “the browser”) to the server side. Of course, there’s a bunch of features you had never seen before. But if you love JavaScript, you’ll love NodeJS.

MongoDB. It’s my second choice to MySQL when it comes to database or data storage. Why MongoDB? Lots of nosql databases out there and why I choose MongoDB? One reason: simplicity. And it blends seamlessly with NodeJS. Perfect couple of the year.

What else? I have one resolution that I thought I could achieve in 2011 but I missed it. It was “Mastering Regular Expressions”. And what I mean about “mastering” was really mastering it. Literally. But how can I measure it when the parameter was only the clueless word you’ve probably think it’s silly enough to say? But then, I have a clue. If I could understand more than two third of this book, then it’s time for me to move on onto the next target.

So, as the title of this post said, goodbye to the last year and welcome to the new year. Let’s take a look at some (not all) of my resolutions:

1. Enrolled to (and graduated from) 6 different classes offered by Stanford School of Engineering. I’ve already got two Statement of Accomplishments: Introduction to Database and Machine Learning. This year I have to take at least four different classes.

2. Learn Python. Why should I learn new language beside PHP for server-side programming? Because I want to. Python is said to be robust, simple and flexible yet powerful.

3. Learn Scala. This language is not very popular compared to its brother, Java, but Scala is one of the great languages out there. Kinda’ cool.

4. Publish 3 apps to Android Market. If Koprol for Android was counted then there are only two left before I hit this milestone. No rush but not to be forgotten too.

5. Publish 5 source codes as projects on Github. Not including fork and clone from another repositories.

Well, those are the five resolutions specifically listed in my tech life. There are lots of resolutions outside of them of course but those are out of this topics and I will not included here.

So, what’s your resolution this year? Tell me more!

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