My thoughts on security and privacy

With the latest exploits found named Meltdown and Spectre, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal identity, including but not limited to address, password, phone number, credit cards, and even your account you use to access your online activities, including banking and e-commerce.

I’ve been carefully paying attention to the security and privacy since the early days of the Internet and always try to update to the newest method and ways to secure my privacy, e.g. updating my password every once in a while, activating 2FA, and so on.

For some people, 2FA is a magic thing and they’re afraid, if not lazy, to use it in their everyday lives. Even for people who understand about basic security don’t want to use 2FA.

Here’s the list of things you should know and do to secure your online activity.

Is your password ‘abcd1234’?

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Stay hungry, stay foolish

Stay hungry, stay foolish

It’s been a year since the last time I posted my thought on this blog. Lots of things happened between that; ups and downs. Challenges and opportunities. New friends, colleagues and expanding networks. All happened without me recording in this blog.

Not that I didn’t want to share anything, but because I have things to share but didn’t really find a time to wrote them down.

To compensate my laziness during that time, I will write down things that I want to share in an unordered list (yes, I’m still lazy, but hey, at least I’m posting again).

  • I joined the crowdresearch initiative from Stanford University under Michael S. Bernstein’s assistance about the crowdsourcing work. It’s been a one year full of weekly meeting, reading papers, writing our own and discussing with peers. You can find the first published version of the paper on the ACM Digital Library page here.

  • I’m still doing my own research and work on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and spend hours reading subjects in Abstract Algebra such as Group, Ring, Fields (including Galois Field) and their applications to understand further about ECC.

  • I also spend hours taking course about machine learning, understanding supervised (regression and classification) and unsupervised learning. I will write in details about this subject, hopefully.

  • I, for the first time in my life, hosted an automotive review show and it’s such a great experience despite my nervousness during the show. Guess what car I’ve reviewed at that show? No, you couldn’t guess it. It’s the BMW i8. And here’s the review.

  • One ambitious project I have in mind is doing a semi-autonomous self-driving car but not really sure on how I tackle this huge project alone. Still searching a partner who understand car mechanics so we can split tasks: hardware and software.

  • Oh, I’m still working at The Jakarta Post Digital. We’re working on the new The Jakarta Post and custom CMS, also ________ to integrate with ________. We’re also in the middle of building _______ and ________. Classified items are classified until they’re launched to the public.

Well, that’s not quite a lot but for me, 2015 was the learning year and will still continues indefinitely. As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

The Jakarta Post App on Firefox OS

Yesterday, I’ve seen this post from one of our good friends who also a former Mozilla Representative in Indonesia, Benny Chandra. The talk between The Jakarta Post Digital CEO, Budi Putra, and him about making an app for Firefox OS started from a simple thing: discussion over a cup of coffee.

I haven’t get the full story yet on that but Budi Putra have told me to start including Firefox OS App in our timeline (and I’m still curious about the full story, ahem..)

And our warrior including infantry, cavalry, archer and… I mean, our software engineers bravely took that challenge.

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What do we know about rebooting?
It’s a mechanism we all–people who worked with computers everytime–familiar with.

According to to the Online Oxford Dictionaries, reboot means Line breaks.

The definition of reboot in English:
(With reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again.

Rebooting is also an act of booting a computer system again.

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Define: Family

It’s been two years since I blogged about the new challenges and first official day at U Connectivity Services as a CTO. Today, with a mix feeling between sadness and excitement, I must say that I have to move to the next thing.
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On Blocking The Internet

Last night, I couldn’t access Reddit site. The weird thing was that I could access the landing page, but couldn’t access categories under it. I’m using Bolt and to those of you surfing through other ISPs, you might or might not get the same result as I am.

This reminds me of recent action from Kominfo ministry, Tifatul Sembiring who’s blocking Vimeo from the Indonesian users. So, let’s talk a bit about this blocking thingy.
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How I "Defeated" Jakarta’s Traffic Jam

Usually, I never complained about Jakarta’s traffic jam. Not before I moved to a new office and new house. Right now, I have to travel around 30km to go to the office (so it doubled to 60km to go back and forth). It was fun driving that long before the traffic jam get worse and worse (and the worst yet to come). So, this is how I play “cat and mouse” with the traffic jam.

Jakarta’s traffic jam is probably one of the worst things happened to the people work and live in this city. No one could escape from it. While I realize that I couldn’t handle it, I try to handle myself to become better on how to avoid it. So here’s my personal analysis on the traffic jam that might occur throughout the day and how, later, I can avoid it and gain more productivity.

Please keep in mind that this is just for my own case and if you want to try it, make sure you’re OK with that. I’m not responsible for any effects that might occurs along with this ‘trick’ :)

Let’s start.

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The Joel Test in Real Life and How I Try to Get 12 Points

When I was assigned as a CTO, I was very excited. I think it’s time for me to brought the joy and delight of coding. So I wrote my plan ahead and I have a commitment to applied the Joel Test. It’s not an easy road though and in my one and a half year as a CTO, I will share how I have achieved more than a half of them.

It’s pretty easy to achieve all of them, 12 points, when you work for a company like Google, Facebook, Yahoo or even Microsoft (yes, Joel said that Microsoft always run at 12 full-time. Incredible!). When I was at Yahoo, people were really supportive and we always try to achieve perfection in building and crafting a software. It would be different if you work for a company where not all people understand about Software Craftmanship. It’s more difficult when you work for a company (or clients) who has a type of “yesterday is the deadline.” Those kind of companies (and probably clients?) didn’t understand about planning, priority and design. The Joel Test will help you, my friend, and me to be not only an ordinary developer, but also an outstanding developer who always ship the best crafting code ever written.

Let’s get started.

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How I Become More Productive in 2013

2013 is no more.

I’ve been struggling with too many distractions and interruptions that forced me to make a promise to revenge in the name of productivity. I’ve been doing one way or another to shake things up and counting the seconds on what I’ve done on my laptops.

Before I spit the things out that make me productive over the year, let’s admit some things that were truly distractions.

First and the most addictive one was Twitter. I’ve been struggling finding the way on how to make myself better at handling the Twitter’s stream but finally I found the way how to deal with such a hard-to-defeat distraction.

Second was email. I frequently found myself staring at Gmail more than often instead of doing something real. I do the fast-switching from Inbox, Spam, Trash, and labels such as android-dev, YouTube and Quora Weekly Digest just to see what’s new in it.

Anything else such as Facebook, Google+ and games on my tablet are distractions too, but not really disturbing since I rarely spent my time on those things. Fortunately, I don’t have any account (or maybe I just forgot the password and never logged back in) on Path, Instagram, and a bunch of me-too-chat-apps out there (however, I still stick with Google Hangout, Whatsapp, and Skype).

So, these are the things I’ve made throughout 2013 that made me more productive than ever:

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Random Name API: One Hour Weekend Project

It might be not completed yet (name it “beta”) but I hope it helps everyone who in needs to generate random names (which is not just practically generate random chars but also human-readable names).


where nm is the number of names to be generated (in integer).


will generate 5 random names along with their gender (“M” indicates “male” and “F” indicates “female”).

The number of names is practically unlimited (in theory), but to keep the requests as efficient as possible (because I’m only using one dyno for the app), I’ve limited the number to 100 per request. However, you can use your script in any language to do the loop to get as many result as you want.